Blanche Poubelle?

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Wed Apr 19 23:14:14 UTC 2000


I'm glad to hear you know what a poubelle is. You guys at Dyuke are a lot
more sophisticated than I thought.


>At the January meeting of ADS I gave a paper on the slang use of SUCKS. This
>found its way into a press report in a gay publication called THE GUIDE. The
>reporter calls herself "Blanche Poubelle" and claims to have attended my
>paper reading. Does anyone want to confess to being Blanche? (Yes, I know
>what POUBELLE means in French--Homer Simpson used the term recently in the TV
>cartoon series.)
>I will be happy to send a PICT version of the article to anyone who wants to
>read it. It is very intelligently done.
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