Hamburgers in Japan

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   Greetings again from Kumamoto.


   McDonald's offers Teriyaki McBurger, Chicken Tatsuta, Mac Fry Potato, and is one of the few places to have "Iced" Tea and "Iced" Coffee.
   Freshness Burger (a chain restaurant?) offers "takeout (to go)."  Menu items include:

Salasa Burger (salsa?--ed.)
Menchi Burger  (Menchi has stuff rolled in the meat--ed.)
Teriyaki Burger
Negimiso Burger
Teriyaki Chicken Burger
Ice Cream (Goma or Cassis) (Goma is sesame--ed.)


   "Shot Bars" are everywhere.
   The Japan Times, 20 April 2000, pg. 9, col. 4, "Bars offer cigars, cocktails, contentment," describes three new cocktail creations that won the Westin Tokyo's Spring 2000 Cocktail Fair:

   Moezakura (budding cherries), which is made from cranberry and litchi juice added to a plum base, evokes the swelling buds of cherry blossoms, and (col. 5--ed.) Dandelion is the frozen cocktail resulting from gin and peach liqueur brightened by mango juice and Calpis.  Hanafubuki (blizzard of blossoms) is a vodka-based cocktail that contrasts the flavors of creme de framboise and Calpis.  The three top finishers are available at the two locations in the hotel for 1,400 yen each.

   "Yukiguni" is popular in many bars.
   The Hub (an English Pub in Kyoto) offers:

BUNGY JUMP--vodka, green liqueur, spiritus (?)
SAKURA (original cocktail)--peach liqueur, grapefruit juice, soda, cherry brandy

JANGLISH (continued)

   From Mount Aso (Ah! So!):

   Beware of the volcanic gas
Now Mt. Aso is in strong volcanism and is ejectting sulfurous acid gas but we will warn those who have the asthma.  The trouble with the respiratory organs not to go.

   From Brooke Bond tea (a British flag is on the can; caps and lower case are as typed here):

Brooke Bond Tea Uses The high Quality leaves, Bring You The Richest Aroma and Refreshing taste.

   There is a Tip-Top "Hair Create Salon."  Hair creates the salon?  Must be a bad hair day.
   I saw a "restrant."  Bafro Blue is a "live restaurant."  LA Flip is a "listening bar" that is "f-ckin cool." (One letter deleted.)


   There is a "Nicos Cash Terminal."  Not ATM?
   Haagen-Dazs offers Green Tea ice cream.  Royal offers Choco Manaka, which is chocolate-covered vanilla (from what I could see in the picture).
   The popular Doutor Coffee Shops offer German Dog, Spicy Dog, and Kogen Lettuce Dog.
   A chain restaurant is named "Ringer Hut," for some reason.

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