"Axe" For Guitar?

Joseph Carson samizdata at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Apr 21 09:28:42 UTC 2000

Hello again!

Excuse me, guys, but I got cut off in my penultimate sentence for some
odd reason (an "illegal operation [had] been performed," evidently
...thank you, Mr. Gates!) so by His gracious leave, let me conclude
here, now, and fast! ... before it happens again.  So, as I was saying,
a bass player would want to " hoist some hod" to lay the solid brick
wall undergirding his repetitive low-register ostinati that keyboard,
horn or guitar soloists would use as a basis for their stylistic
flourishes, or a drummer would strive to "make some fresh kindling" by
pounding his trap set into pieces
like a caveman  would use mastodon bones to smash hollow logs of wood
into splinters, and so on.  Guitars are called "git-boxes" or "ukes" or
by countless other names to numerous to recount here, just as a singer
has his "pipes," a drummer his "kit," a pianist his "ivories" and so on
and on and on. I hope we can follow this thread for a while longer, for
it will weave a marvelous coat of many colors if we give it chance!
-With regards, Joseph Carson

Joseph Carson wrote: "When I played in bands (from 1970-90, in upper
Midwestern states and Northern California,) the term "axe" would be used
in the way Chuck describes, but more..." <snip> "I knew individual bands
that had devised shorthand
for the styles they wanted one other to use by telling a bass player,
for instance, to "shovel harder" ..."

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