Voice of God

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Fri Apr 21 14:42:50 UTC 2000


  I picked up BRILL'S CONTENT to read on the airplane.  The Richard Jewell story mentions the newspaper term "Voice of God"--a statement of fact that comes from no one.  Such as, for example, "Richard Jewell is being investigated by federal authorities for the bombing."
  I haven't had the time to search online OED.


  There are plenty of guitar magazines to check this.  Is it in the RHHDAS?  Can it wait until I return?
   A quick check of Amazon.com's song titles shows "Small Axe" by Bob Marley.  An old Pink Floyd favorite title came up: "Careful with that axe. Eugene."  Ry Cooder did "Ax Sweet Mama."

JANGLISH (continued)

   "Since 1893.  108th Amievsary."
   "Multi International Pab Restaurant."
    "Toddoler."  (This is how Japanese pronounce it--ed.)


   I saw "dot-gones" recently.
   On to Nagasaki.

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