Nagasaki Noodles

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   Greetings from Nagasaki!
   Someone on the tour had horse for dinner.  I told him that horse with Japanese wine was the specialty here.  They don't call it "Nag o' Sake" for nothing.
   I got a big laugh when I asked someone why they always drop atomic bombs on Peace Parks.


   From a handout:

   "Champon" noodles have become on of Nagasaki's typical dish.  A hearty, inexpensive (500-900 yen) dish, these CHinese noodles enjoy great popularity with both local residents and visitors.  "Champon" noodles can be found at almost any Chinese restaurant in Nagasaki.

   From a "Welcome to Nagasaki" handout:

   The many varying tastes of Nagasaki are another reflection of the city's deep international ties.  Shippoku is a delicious full-course meal that blends the cuisine of Japan, CHina and Europe.  THe famous Champon and Saraudon are inexpensive but hearty Chinese dishes created here in Nagasaki.  Kasutera (from "Castilla") pound cake was introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century and lives on today as a traditional sweet of Nagasaki.  Karasumi (dried mullet roe) is a seafood delicacy prized by gourmets far and wide.

JANGLISH (continued)

   Ringer Hut probably comes from Pizza Hut plus Frederick Ringer (who helped open up Japan in the 1860s).  The Ringer Hut huts look nothing like his home, however, which is located in a historic section of Nagasaki that also has Puccini and Madam Butterfly statues.
  Bauhaus (a store) offers "selfish fashion."
  Kodama is a "free shop."
  There is also a "Used Shop--since 1990."

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