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>>RUTLAND HERALD, April 26, 2000
>>Couples anticipate becoming 'C.U.'ed'
>>By DIANE DERBY Staff Writer
>>    MONTPELIER - The passage of the civil unions bill on Tuesday brought with
>>it the creation of a new verb: "to C.U."
>>    "We're going to get C.U.'ed," said a beaming Stacy Jolles moments after
>>the House gave its final approval to the measure. "I've already asked Nina to
>>C.U. me."
>>    Jolles was referring to her partner of nearly a decade, Nina Beck, who
>>cradled the couple's 5-month-old son Seth as the two women hugged friends and
>>posed for pictures following the vote. The partners were one of the three
>>same-sex couples who filed suit in July 1997 seeking the right to marry. That
>>suit led to the Vermont Supreme Court's December ruling that called on the
>>Legislature to find a way to extend all the rights and privileges of marriage
>>to same-sex couples.
>>    And while the term "C.U." doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily as
>>the word "marriage," Jolles' comments left little doubt as to what she meant.

I suspect there are no relevant cites of "C.U." as a verb in the 20th
century (or earlier).


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