Is it standard English? to disrespect, to partake in

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Sun Apr 30 20:16:22 UTC 2000

Larry's reply :

<< THIS card-carrying member of the AHD Usage Panel would have no
 trouble sanctioning (in the positive sense) both usages.  Or is there a
 particular nominal or verbal frame in which you've heard or seen
 'disrespect' used that you find non-standard (and/or reprehensible)?
backed by Fred Shapiro who I presume also has no trouble with either of these
usages made me do a double take and sent me off to the dictionaries, which I
had not even looked in, so confident was I of my subject.   To my surprise I
found in Webster's 3rd, the OED, and AH2 that disrespect as a verb, and
partake in as in 'participate in' were in fact listed.   But I still don't
like them.  They're still non-standard for me.  Am I then the only one whose
Sprachgefuehl rejects these two?  Despite the dictionaries I don't think
anyone (or virtually no one) used disrespect as a verb until very recently
(as in, for example, 'he disrespected me so I felt I had to disrespect him
right back") and though "partake in" (participate in) has a history-- I would
say that the frequency of its use was and is so rare, especially in my
lifetime (about 50 years) that for me it was non-existent, hence
non-standard-- I can only 'hear it' with food and drink (they partook of the
wine).  The BBI Dict. lists only my usage of partake with 'of', which would
seem to support me , and disrespect (v) is not given at all.

Dale Coye
The College of NJ

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