Creole Coffee; Danish Pastry; Virginia Reel

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On Tue, 1 Aug 2000 Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:

>      OED has 1935 for "Danish Pastry"--and it cites Webster.  Boy, and you
> thought OED was bad on "biscotti"!
>      From John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD & DRINK (1999):
> _Danish pastry._  (...)  Although the pastries may have Danish origins, these
> flaky buns and rolls are more foten associated with New York Jewish
> delicatessens and bakeries.  With this meaning the word first appeared in
> print in 1928.

This is interesting.  I had assumed Mariani takes his dates from the OED.
Did he do his own primary research?  Does he give exact citations, or just
dates?  And can anyone from Merriam-Webster give the earliest citation in
their files, the basis for the listing in W2 in 1934 (not 1935)?

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