Sallie Lemons Sallie.Lemons at MSDW.COM
Wed Aug 2 14:29:02 UTC 2000

Another term I've heard for "blind anger" is frosted, as in "That really frosts
my ass." I've always interpreted this to been gone cold--white/bluish grey--with
anger, which would be past the red stage. Any link, you think?

RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:

> > A. Murie <sagehen at SLIC.COM> replied to Kathleen Miller's question thus:
> ... How often has anyone here actually seen a
> > person turn bluish-grey with rage? Usually the face turns red. I suspect
> > that most people encounter the word only in this context, and by inference
> > attach to it the typical color of an angry ("white") person's face
> In my experience, the color that white-people turn when they are angry may be
> either deep white or red, depending on things like blood pressure and
> heredity. "White with rage" strikes me as being as experientially correct as
> "ruddy with rage." And then there is the idiom "blue in the face," which may
> have some connection to reality!
> I suspect that our perception of reality is in this case based an example of
> "the metaphors we live by" (Lakoff & Johnson's horrible old book is
> nonetheless a good shorthand for the point I am trying to make here).

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