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On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Frank Abate wrote:

> Fred, what is the date of the Darwin cited?

I am taking the quote from the 1898 edition, but it was first published in

> I still feel that the pallid idea is not part of the real signification
> of "livid", based on its etym and the examples presented in OED.  I
> would be pleased to give way to other examples that show the association
> between "livid" and paleness.

Well, it looks like the OED entry misses a major part of the history of
"livid" (it refers to paleness in sense c but omits the history that gave
rise to sense c).  The Merriam-Webster entry is better, picking up as it
does the paleness sense which research into early uses of the word
reveals to be a common one.  I'll try to post some of my evidence later

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