On Campbells and camels

Jessie Emerson jessie at SIRSI.COM
Thu Aug 3 14:03:06 UTC 2000

Another couple of bits of data on the South Midland/Southern theory:

1.  There is a town in North Alabama called "Phil Campbell."  For natives of
PC, while the /b/ is not as evident as the TV pronunciation of "Campbell's
Soup,"  there is still a stop in the middle of "Campbell."  I don't think
that it can be simplified into /kaeml/ or /kaem at l/.

2.  Sometimes in the South (and maybe elsewhere, as well), some religious
groups that believe in predestination are called /kaem at laIts/--it's even
spelled "Camelites" sometimes.  It comes from "Campbellites," the names of
followers of a particular Scottish religious leader (I think--religious
history is not my forte).

Jessie Emerson

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