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From: Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU>
> As Aaron suggests, this was an "editorial decision" (or a software
> decision) at the IHT.  The original article, appearing in the Times
> of August 1, contained the sentences below (emphasis added).  I
> wonder if other issues of the IHT reflect on the autumn of man, or on
> the autumn of a sparrow.

> Many Germans with no sympathy for rightist violence are troubled by
> the large number of foreigners, particularly Turks, in the country
> and by suggestions that Germany must embrace multiculturalism. As a
> result, politicians have been generally hesitant to broach the
> questions raised this weekend by Mr. Fischer.
> Since the fall of the Berlin Wall a decade ago, rightist violence has
> become a fact of German life. It is
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> rooted principally in the east, where, since the collapse of the
> Communist state there, youth unemployment has remained high,
> alienation widespread and broad exposure to foreigners a novelty.

There I was thinking that when I read a New York Times article in the
International Herald Tribune I was actually reading a New York Times
article. Thanks for checking and sorry to have wasted bandwidth on this, but
(idle) curiosity got the better of me. I wrote my comment in a spirit of
what the Chinese call "pao zhuan yin yu": throwing a brick and getting a
piece of jade in return, i.e. putting forth my inexpert opinion to induce
another's learned response. That's how I feel about the American Dialect
Society. As a non-linguist I find this list to be a pleasure to read. And
an education.

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