Fortune Teller (was Cootie catcher)

Jessie Emerson jessie at SIRSI.COM
Mon Aug 7 15:56:39 UTC 2000

The device, if we are talking about the same thing, in the '70s in North
Alabama was also "fortune teller" and had nothing to do with catching
cooties.  A very intricate series of physical descriptions and professions
(for the potential mate--a very sexist game) was written on the segments of
the fortune teller, and you chose numbers (written on the outer segments) to
determine what segment you landed on.

Jessie Emerson
Johanna wrote:

>Oddly enough, though I remember these devices perfectly from the mid 1980s
on, and I do remember them being called cootie catchers, I don't remember
them being used to catch cooties.  We used them mainly to tell fortunes, and
we might have snapped at each other with them, but I think the snapping was
just a secondary use and not necessarily intended to catch vermin.  Could
the cootie catching have lessened and using them to tell fortunes increased
with time, or was my school an anomaly?

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