THE DISPENSER'S FORMULARY (1915, by The Soda Fountain)

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     THE DISPENSER'S FORMULARY (1915) was published by The Soda Fountain
magazine.  One period advertisement I saw said "by Bob Barnhardt."  (Not of
the flying Barnharts.)  The NYPL's copy has no title page.
     THE SODA FOUNTAIN was an essential magazine of the soda fountain trade.
David Shulman found "egg cream" in a 1906 issue, but the OED's pre-1940 "egg
creams" have different ingredients under that name.  An "egg cream" contains
chocolate syrup, milk, and seltzer (carbonated water).  There is no egg and
no cream.
    The NYPL catalog states "sent for filming 9-30-99."  You can't get the
microfilm copy of THE SODA FOUNTAIN.  You can't get most of the hard copy
issues.  It's being filmed 9-30-99!  I'll have to check it out at the Library
of Congress when I return.
    THE DISPENSER'S FORMULARY is 274 pages and has 1,700 soda fountain

Pg. 41, col. 2--NEW ORLEANS MEAD  This beverage, an old stand-by of a quarter
of a century ago, is still a favorite in many localities. (Not in DARE--ed.)
Pp. 68-69--RICKEYS.
Pp. 69-84--Shakes and Egg Drinks.  (Several Egg Chocolates are here, but no
Egg Cream--ed.)
Pg. 88, col. 1--FANCY MIXED DRINKS.  (CHOCOLATE NOIR has chocolate syrup,
milk, and ice cream; FROSTED CHOCOLATE has chocolate syrup, cream, and
carbonated water--ed.)
     This is an easily made and a satisfactory chocolate beverage.  Shake
together 1 1/2 ounces of chocolate syrup and 2 ounces light, sweet cream, or
rich milk, with 2 ounces of shaved ice, then add carbonated water to fill a
12-ounce glass.  Charge 10 cents.
(Is this an "egg cream"?--ed.)
Pp. 91-104--HOT SODA.
Pp. 132-135--BANANA SPLITS.
Pg. 154, col. 2--HOT FUDGE SUNDAE.
Pg. 162, col. 1--SWASTIKA
     Slice 3 bananas, allowing the pieces to drop into a fruit bowl; add half
a pint of crushed cherries, 2 ounces of shredded cocoanut and simple syrup
q.s.  Use one ladleful to each sundae.  Sells for 15 cents. (W. R. Sampson.)
(An ad for Huyler's in CONFECTIONERS' AND BAKERS' GAZETTE, 10 January 1908,
pg. 1, col. 2, features a swastika.  The NY Times ran a piece on the swastika
last week--ed.)
     To eight ounces of grape fruit marmalade add one half ounce each of
chopped candied ginger and candied cherries.  Spread thinly.

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