ADS-sponsored survey

Lynne Murphy lynnem at COGS.SUSX.AC.UK
Wed Aug 9 17:45:51 UTC 2000

Ron Butters said:

> I think this is an excellent idea, though DSNA would be an even more logical
> "sponsor."

Another idea would be to get a publisher to sponsor it.  Publishers have money,
scholarly organizations tend not to.  Then perhaps the project could be funded
and/or could make use of the publisher's staff for compiling the results.

One problem with this would be the proprietary 'rights' of the publisher
regarding the information collected.  So, another option would be to ask for
DSNA 'sponsorship' of the project (say, as a DSNA taskforce on pronunciation)
and then ask a bunch of publishers to underwrite it, so that the money comes in
but the information stays public.

While it was claimed that this could be done for 'free', it seems like a lot of
labor, which isn't really free...


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