CLB's dictionary survey

Wed Aug 9 21:20:56 UTC 2000

I recall my father having talked much about the organization of the ACD
being based in part on a survey done in college classrooms.  I don't
know if I can find a copy.  If I do, it might be helpful in
constructing a new survey.

Indeed, I believe a survey should be undertaken.  Perhaps two surveys:
(1) the old-fashioned kind where the responses can be somewhat more
controlled than one done on the Internet, and (2) an e-mail survey
which might be targeted at more than one market (one for teachers, one
for students, one for "pop" critics).

I think that perhaps a committee of five should be selected (2 from
ADS; 2 from DSNA; and coordinator).  Funding could be solicited from
the major North American dictionary publishers of college dictionaries.
 Another, more scholarly approach would be to solicit the support (and
or advice) of the ACLS.   Other sources might include MLA, NCTE, and
the like.


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