silent letters (was broadcasters)

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Thu Aug 10 15:30:42 UTC 2000

: From:    Kim & Rima McKinzey <rkm at SLIP.NET>

: >As in "SloAne", "lamB", "duCk", "WeDnesday", "bellE", , "Gnash",
: >"Honest", , , "Knock", "haLf", "Mnemonic", "damN", "irOn",
: >"Pseudo", , , , "busTle", "cheqUe", "Write", , , and ?

: A while ago I was trying to come up with a word with a silent letter
: for every letter of the alphabet.  Is there one for q?  I don't
: really remember all of them just now.

Depends on which letters you count as silent in "sacque". If it's the Q and
U, then you've got two birds killed with one highly obscure stone.

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