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I also say AI at RN (actually with Canadian/Minnesota raising to [^y at rn]), but
I think Haas is referring to syllable-initial /r/, as in
[ayr at n].  Hypercorrecting newscasters in southern Ohio pronounce the name
of Ironton, an Ohio River town, as [ayr at nt@n]--I suspect to sound "better"
than the locals who say [arn?@n] and [arn] (as Don Lance noted).  (? =
glottal stop)

At 12:04 PM 8/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>  Bob Haas  writes:
> >Not for Popeye.  Has anyone out there ever encountered anyone who pronounces
> >"iron" with two syllables like the cartoon character?
>Has anyone NOT heard AI @RN  ('eye-ern)?  I've heard this pronunciation all
>my life, and use it myself.  I've lived in the Pac NW, West Coast, Midwest
>& Northeast.
>The New Century Dict., Webster's New International,&  OED all give /iron/
>two syllables.  (OED leaves out the r sound, of course.)

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