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Thu Aug 10 21:05:11 UTC 2000


  One theory is that "slang" comes from Norwegian.  I went to the National Library today, and I got the e-mail addresses of some linguists.  I checked the Norwegian dictionaries with a librarian--I have my doubts about a Norwegian origin for "slang."
  Any opinions?


  The OED has "ski" (noun) from about 1885 (discounting an early citation from the 1700s) and "ski" (vebr) from 1893.
  The Association for the Promotion of Skiing (Skiforeningen) was founded in 1883.  The ski jump I went to today was made in 1892.
  According to the Ski Museum:

1843--first ski competition
1850--Sondre Norheim made skis
1867-68--first ski race in Oslo (then Christiana)
1883--Ull Ski Club founded

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