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Fri Aug 11 21:00:15 UTC 2000

   Greetings again from Oslo, Norway.  This place is a "Scream."
   Life really feels weird when you enter the Kon Tiki Museum and you hark back to your days on Easter Island.

PRINCE OF NORWAY--this vodka drink seems popular here.
FJEKBEKK--this vodka drink is also on a lot of menus, whatever it is.
PIGGELIN--this vodka drink was also on a menu, whatever it is.
TYRKISH PEPPER SHOT--on a drink menu under "shots."
TULIPAN COFFEE--don`t know what this is.
"SANDEFJORD BUTTER"--this was in quotes on a menu at EGON (a restaurant nearthe Grand Hotel).
"BIFFSNADDER"--also in quotes at EGON, this contains "strips of beef with pineapple, baby onions, mushrooms and Bernaise sauce."
"BLACK AND WHITE"--also in quotes at EGON, this contains "one fillet of beef (sirloin) with pepper sauce and one fillet of pork with Bernaise sauce."

  Off to a fjord tomorrow.
  Attached is more hell from Abuzz and the New York Times.  This NEVER ends.

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