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Mon Aug 14 14:24:18 UTC 2000

This word is used by a Toronto-based hacker in an interview in the
current _New Scientist_ (

"...younger knives really don't have the same kind of balance maybe, and
are a little more ambanxious to do all kinds of things. I don't know
anybody in the CDC that I wouldn't trust."

Haven't found _ambanxious_ anywhere else, but I like it.

Also note here _knives_, apparently meaning 'hackers'. But unclear if
that's lexicalized, or just building on an earlier statement that "I'm
not one of the sharper knives in the drawer when it comes to hacking."
The former seems more likely.  Lots of interesting underground techie
jargon in this interview, if that kind of thing interests you...

(CDC = Cult of the Dead Cow, a hacker organization.)


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