missing variable in intro courses

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Aug 14 04:41:38 UTC 2000

At 12:07 PM -0400 8/14/00, Beverly Flanigan wrote:
>I've taught a course called "The Language of Women and Men" for years and
>have recently found Jennifer Coates' _Women, Men and Language_ (Longman,
>2nd ed. 1993) to be a balanced textbook, cognizant of the sociolinguistic
>research of Eckert et al.  She also has a big fat anthology, _Language and
>Gender: A Reader_ (Blackwell, 1998) which is excellent--with
>cross-linguistic, cross-ethnic, cross-age, cross-social groups articles,
>plus several theoretical pieces.  (The size and price nearly killed my
>students, but it's worth both.)  A brand new book I just received also
>looks good: _Reinventing Identities: The Gendered Self in Discourse_, ed.
>Bucholtz, Liang, and Sutton (Oxford UP, 1999).
For my last go round, I had the students buy Cameron's reader, The
Feminist Critique of Language (Second edition), and used some
articles from the Coates 1998 reader Beverly mentions; the latter has
the disadvantage that most of the articles are idiosyncratically
truncated by the editor, so in several cases I ended up going back to
the original journals or anthologies to find the missing material.
Her selections are very good, but I don't like the expurgation.
There's some overlap between the Coates and Cameron but I found that
useful; for example, each of them contains a useful critical article
on Tannen's _You Just Don't Understand_, and I found it helpful to
have students read both.


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