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Steve K. stevek at SHORE.NET
Mon Aug 14 18:08:24 UTC 2000

On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Lynne Murphy wrote:

> True!  I'm off the hook!  But maybe I'll write a song involving Chomsky
> instead.  I think that's even harder to rhyme.

There's a trance group called boo maga that has a recording called Under
Attack that samples a bunch of Chomsky's political sound bites.

There's also a song called Noam CHomsky by Karma Covered Apple.

A lot more turned up on my search of song lyrics Chomsky on google, and
most of this music is available for download on mp3.com and other sites if
anyone's interested.

"Noam Chomsky" -- Karma Covered Apple

Countin' constellations while you're looking through
The microscop-i-pocalypse
While speaking mega McMadonna log
In industri-al-i-dosages
Drive an Instamatic Cadillac
Through every sociopolopoly
It's all muh-nah* muh-nah monopoly
There's no duh-de duh-dee dignity
And realistic ????

Fall apart
And it seems
A li'l paranoid
To me.

Expecting confrontation plodding into view
Through a telescopic catalog
While they realign the cosmograph
After brief important messages
That they whisper into megaphones
I hear it's really catastrophical
I'm speaking purely philosophical

And a circle
And a square
And a trapezoid
You see.

Broadcasting live from stations far inside the groove
Spinning out the future retrospect
The omega McMc alphabet
Stepping out, standing invitations
On ????
I see the demographic acrobat
Writin' elements of artifact
The realistic kinds of cul-de-sacs

Through the circle
Through the square
Through the trapezoid.

* Pronounced like the first 2 syllables of "monopoly."
* With help from Kathleen Kramer.

--- Steve K.

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