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Tue Aug 15 13:24:11 UTC 2000

> [context:  shopping for school clothes at Marshall Field's]
> When the pile of discards had grown as colorful and layered as a trifle,
> Gramma was finally ready to pause. "Oh, honey, I'm exhausted," she
> confessed. "Let's stop for 'coffee and.'" She meant milk and a snack for
> me, coffee and a cigarette for her. (It took years before I realized the
> expression "coffee and" is unique to Chicago.)
> I've not heard the phrase 'coffee and', but I've only lived downstate in
> Illinois.  Is this well-attributed?

Yes, and it's certainly not limited to Chicago. In fact in four
years of living in Chicago I don't think I ever heard it.

DARE has a number of examples from NC, the West Coast, and
elsewhere. The best doughnuts in the Northeast are to be had
in a store called Coffee And in Westport, CT. HDAS has additional
examples from the New York area.

Jesse Sheidlower

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