NORWAY'S DELIGHT (continued)

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   Greetings again from Balestrand.  The concert last night was given by Age Kristofferson, the second cousin of Kris.  You can't leave Norway without hearing him do Grieg's "Trolls."
   I checked OED--there's one slim "midnight sun," but I don't know what Jesse has in storage.
   More from NORWAY'S DELIGHT:

Pg. 16:  Raggsteindal Rusks.
Pg. 18:  Hardanger Bannocks.
Pg. 18:  Telemark Flatbread.
Pg. 22:  Dancing Master's Soup.
Pg. 24:  Nail Soup.
Pg. 29:  Jansson's Temptation.
Pg. 30:  Glazier's Herring.
Pg. 37:  Mutton and Cabbage Stew (Farikal, Traditional Norwegian dish)
Pg. 41:  "Puss Pass."
Pg. 47:  Norwegian Lettuce Salad (Bladsalat).
Pg. 48:  Asparagus a la Skaugum.
Pg. 55:  Cream Dots (Flotelapper).
Pg. 57:  Monks.
Pg. 65:  Aristocrats.
Pg. 74: Goro.

(Attached is _another_ ABUZZ question for me to answer. Again, this is a question that the NY Times's book CURIOUS NEW YORKER avoided completely.   ABUZZ, by the way, has ARCHIVES.)
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