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VerticalNet CEO wants to follow AOL's footsteps
    By Rachel Konrad
    Staff Writer, CNET
    August 15, 2000, 1:15 p.m. PT

    VAIL, Colo.--In his first public remarks since a management restructuring
in late July, VerticalNet chairman Mark Walsh showered praise on the
company's new CEO--former president Joe Galli. He also introduced
yet another online commerce acronym: S2B.
. . . .
Walsh didn't necessarily simplify VerticalNet's message when he introduced a
new acronym today to describe the company: S2B, or supplier to business.
Walsh said he dislikes the B2B moniker because it implies a cadre of large
companies that use the Internet to demand volume discounts from smaller
suppliers. Business-to-business marketplaces typically focus on driving down
procurement costs rather than forging relationships with suppliers, he said.

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