Stockholm snippets

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Mon Aug 21 16:56:18 UTC 2000

   Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden.
   We stopped at a highway rest stop before town, and there were two pregnancy magazines on the rack (and advertised outside the shop).  Both showed the famous VANITY FAIR "Demi Moore" pregnancy pose.  However, for one cover, the woman was very visibly naked.  People seem to wear clothes in Stockholm, thankfully.

EURO CREEP--Not "Euro trash," although they certainly CAN be creeps.  FINANCIAL TIMES, 21 August 2000, pg. 15, col. 2:  "The news is another example of 'euro creep,' the slow adoption of the euro as a parallel currency in Britain..."

NAME AND SHAME--FINANCIAL TIMES, 21 August 200, pg. 2, col. 4:  "...the OECD's 'name and shame' list of 35 offshore tax havens published in June."

POLITICAL HYGEINE--FINANCIAL TIMES, 21 August 2000, pg. 1, col. 4:  "Such a move would represent 'political hygeine,' he said."  (Germany's Gerhard Schroeder on banning neo-Nazi groups.)

RANDLORD--FINANCIAL TIMES, 21 August 2000, pg. 13, col. 1, obituary for South Africa's Harry Oppenheimer.

EUPHENOMICS--THE ECONOMIST, August 19th, pg. 72, uses "euphenomics" (economics+ euphemism) for a happy spin on the dismal science.

FALUN SAUSAGE--THE BERGSLAG DIAGONAL-580 KM OF EXPERIENCES IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF GUSTAV VASA (1993), pg. 69:  "The Falun sausage is a well-known local specialty."

TUNNBRODS--Tunnel bread?  A hot dog in a wrap sandwich, available here in Stockholm.  The subway--50 years old--is "T" for tunnel.

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