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   Greetings again from Stockholm.  Unfortunately, the Grant Barrett ancestral home is not on my tour.
   I've got to go to dinner and don't have time for my Swedish food roundup.

BIG APPLE ON ABUZZ (continued, of course)

   I wait awhile for people to post.  Of the last few postings on the Big Apple, the Salwen "whore theory" was mentioned.  You put any crap up on the internet, and people quote it.  Gerald Cohen writes an entire book--NEVER QUOTED!
   The NY Times should have addressed this five years ago and Salwen should have been shamed enough to remove it.  Again, the Big Apple is not mentioned in CITY OF EROS (a history of NYC prostitution), the POLICE GAZETTE's slang lists (it's not ANYWHERE in the Police Gazette), Stephen Crane's MAGGIE--GIRL OF THE STREETS...
  Someone on Abuzz mentioned the Big A--the nickname of Aqueduct racetrack.  This was coined by NY Daily News writer Gene Ward in the 1950s, after Big Apple=NYC racetracks.  Gene Ward is another person who was alive eight years ago, but who's now dead.
  I'm told that William Safire might actually address the "Big Apple" in September.  If so, again, I have tons of important stuff that's never been published and that he's never looked at.  I sent it to him eight years ago, and it's pretty embarrassing to send it to him and tell him everything now.


  I told the FINANCIAL TIMES that Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady and Eddie Jones will not all play for the Miami Heat--the first two players signed with the Orlando Magic.  Miami and Orlando are not the same!  The paper will, perhaps, correct its error.
  I also suggested a "business jargon" column.  The FINANCIAL TIMES--which has a sports column, a chess column, a crossword puzzle, a bridge column, a gardening column, et al.--said that a language column just wasn't for them.  See attached.
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