"Neutramediaries" in FT

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Thu Aug 24 09:32:21 UTC 2000

   From today's FINANCIAL TIMES, 24 August 2000, pg. 8, col. 6:

   The new economy has another piece of jargon.  "Neutramediaries" are independent third parties that provide services to business-to-business electronic marketplaces.

   The FT "E-Business" column, pg. 12, col. 1, has "Intel backs 'bypass' technology."  What is that?  Well, look in the FT or WSJ business dictionary!  (There is none.)
   In today's Letters, pg. 10, col. 5, "Webster's dictionary" is cited.  Which Webster's?  The e-mail address is letter.editor at ft.com.
   Page 9 has such classic business columns as "Cinema," "Music," and "Arts."
   A few years ago, I mentioned the book HOW WRITING BEGAN.  It began with written numbers.  Then there were written letters.  It all began with trade--business.  Business helped to create language itself!
  It's pathetic that there can be such columns in computer magazines (WIRED) and music magazines (REVOLUTION), but the FT and the WSJ still act as if all these e- and i- terms need no explanation whatsoever.
  My idea was a daily column written by several regulars, such as me, Jesse, Lynne, Dennis, whomever.
  Maybe someone else can approach the FT?  Maybe someone from "Webster's"?

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