"Neutramediaries" in FT

Lynne Murphy lynnem at COGS.SUSX.AC.UK
Thu Aug 24 12:18:54 UTC 2000

>   It's pathetic that there can be such columns in computer magazines (WIRED) and music
> magazines (REVOLUTION), but the FT and the WSJ still act as if all these e- and i- terms
> need no explanation whatsoever.
>   My idea was a daily column written by several regulars, such as me, Jesse, Lynne,
> Dennis, whomever.
>   Maybe someone else can approach the FT?  Maybe someone from "Webster's"?

I think if you want to get a British business publication to cover language regularly, you
have a much better bet with the Economist, which tends to see the connections between life
and money better than financial newspapers do.  One reason FT probably doesn't care about
language is that it's _Guardian_ and _Independent_ turf.  It really is a joy to see how much
writing is done about language in the newspapers here (if you read the right papers).
Reflections on words, dictionaries, etymologies.

If the FT did do a column, I doubt they'd want so many Yanks writing on it!  All they know
about language is killing it!  (This is not a point to be debated, just the expression of a


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