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_Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary_ has "unedible" as an adj. in
among the un- words listed at the bottom of p. 2064, second column.

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For reasons too boring to go into (re a manuscript on antonymy), I need
to find a dictionary that lists the word 'unedible' (could be in the
entry for 'edible', could be in the long list of un- words some
dictionaries have, could be its own entry).  I have reason to believe
that there is a US dictionary that includes it, since the National
Scrabble Association's _Official Tournament and Club Word List_
(published by Merriam-Webster) includes it.  According to an article
about the word list that I read in _Scrabble News_ (ok, it's official,
I'm the biggest nerd on the planet), the words in it are derived from a
number of US dictionaries (but the preface to OTCWL just mentions M-W's
10th Collegiate and other M-W publications).  I've checked the 10th
Collegiate and AHD--neither have it.  If you have Random House or
Webster's New World (or anything else) sitting beside you, could you
check for me?

Wish me luck--I'm playing in the British Scrabble Matchplay
Championships this weekend.

Your nerd,

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