Go ahead and (last time, I promise)

Peter A. McGraw pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU
Thu Aug 24 17:33:12 UTC 2000

With apologies, since we've pretty much run this topic into the ground by
now, I can't resist adding a new usage note.  Last night I discovered
another group that suffers from the vacuous-go-ahead virus: computer tech
support people--who in my experience are mostly male.

It's never "Now click on 'control panel'"--it's "Now goaheadn click on
'control panel.'  OK, now goaheadn double click on 'properties,'" etc.  An
actual quote from last night: "O.k., try that, and if it doesn't work, call
again and they'll goaheadn help you."

Now I promise I'll goaheadn shut up.

Peter Mc.

                               Peter A. McGraw
                   Linfield College   *   McMinnville, OR
                            pmcgraw at linfield.edu

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