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>Frank Abate said:
>When I was in Ohio (18 years ago), you could buy beer and wine at grocery
>stores, but liquor was only available in bottles from a "state store".
>However, you could buy carry-out beer from a bar up until 2:00 a.m., closing
>I expect that the variations on this "where and when you can buy what" theme
>are virtually endless, given the 50 states, dry counties, etc.

Ohio has now closed down all its "state stores" (earning revenue for the
state) in favor of licensed liquor stores.  I've heard "package store" but
am not sure how widespread it is.  In Minnesota "liquor store" is the usual
term (as I recall from years ago).  Closing time in Ohio is still 2 a.m.,
except when the time changes, when all hell breaks loose. . . .

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