Package Store Journal

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Thu Aug 31 22:09:50 UTC 2000

    The NYPL has PACKAGE STORE JOURNAL.  Volume 1 is from 1939; the publication was based in New York City.  The card reads:

   "New York's only liquor and wine publication devoted to licensed retail liquor stores."
   Sept. 1942, united with "Bar & Grill Journal" and "Official price list...; published as the Blue Book--a guide for liquor, wine and beer merchandising in the New York city market" to form Beverage media. (See that entry.)

   As you all may know, I recently read through BAR & GRILL JOURNAL.  However, I did not have time to request PACKAGE STORE JOURNAL.  That's at the library annex!  I couldn't read it today, and I work tomorrow, and the library is closed Saturday and Sunday and Monday (all for the Monday Labor Day holiday)!  I might get to it on Tuesday.
  In any case, the term was clearly used in New York City.

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