Lunch-Wagon Slanguage; Chocolate Cheesecake

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   From HOTEL INDUSTRY, August 1932, pg. 14, col. 1 (taken from WORLD'S WORK, February 1932; a larger article about the night lunch wagon surrounds this box):

   _Lunch-Wagon Slanguage_
   _(Which modern proprietors frown upon)_
Red lead (or paint)           Catsup
The sand                      Sugar
Draw one in the dark          Black coffee
One on the city               Glass of water
Team of grays                 Two crullers
A guinea football             Jelly doughnut
A cowboy                      Western sandwich
Ice the rice                  Rice pudding with ice
Adam and Eve on a raft        Two poached eggs on toast
Adam and Eve on a raft and    Two scrambled eggs on
   wreck 'em                    toast
Fry two and flop 'em          Eggs fried on both sides
Sunnyside up                  Egg fried on one side only
A stack                       Wheat cakes
Million on a platter          Baked beans
The Vermont                   Maple syrup
Yesterday, today, and forever Hash
Couple of Hebrew enemies      Two pork chops
La Bullie Hibernian           Corned beef and cabbage
Noah's boy, with Murphy       Ham, potato, and cabbage
   carrying a wreath
Chewed fine, with a breath    Hamburger steak with
Graveyard stew                Milk toast
A hasher                      Lunch-wagon counterman


   OED has no entry for "chocolate cheesecake."  The Dow Jones database has 2,475 hits for "chocolate cheesecake"  and 100 hits for "chocolate cheese cake."
   From RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT, January 1963, pg. 56, col. 1:

_A New Recipe--_
_Chocolate Cheese Cake_
   Cake in some form has been known since ancient times and Chocolate, discovered by Cortez in 1519, has been combined with cake in limitless variations.  This new Chocolate Cheese Cake recipe has been created and tested especially for RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT.  As cheese cake is playing an increasingly important role on menus everywhere, why not introduce this New Chocolate Cheese Cake to your customers.
(Col. 2--ed.)
_3 cakes--27 Portions_
3 cups    Vanilla cooky crubs (sic)
1/4 lb.   butter, melted
12        egg yolks
1 cup     sugar
2 1/4 lbs. semi-sweet chocolate
1 1/2 cups milk
1 tbsp.   vanilla
1/4 tsp.  salt
3 lbs.    cream cheese, room temperature
12        egg whites
1 cup     sugar
1 pt.     whipping cream
1/2 cup   confectioners sugar
1 tsp.    vanilla extract
1 oz.     chocolate, unsweetened, semi-sweet, shaved
Utensils: 3 buttered 9-inch spring form pans
(Seven steps of directions follow--ed.)


REUBEN REDUX--In today's FINANCIAL TIMES, 30 November 2000, pg. 15, col. 7, "Kool-Aid's birthplace," it states that President Clinton will finally visit the only state he's never visited before--Nebraska.  "(White House spokesman--ed.) Siewert noted yesterday that not only is it the home of the Reuben sandwich and Kool-Aid, but the first TV dinner was produced there in 1953."  One out of three ain't bad!

WHAT'S THAT BLOCK O' ICE GUY GOT THAT I HAVEN'T GOT?--Here in New York City, a magician put himself in a block of ice.  All of the networks covered it.  On 11-28-2000, the New York Times devoted 680 words to the story.  On 11-29-2000, the New York Times devoted 815 words to the story.  On 11-30-2000 (today), the New York Times devoted 715 words to the story.  The New York Times won't even respond to me about the history of this city, yet the newspaper devotes tons of coverage to a stunt.

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