Boula-Boula; Cherries Jubilee

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   This could be served with the Yale drinks.
   From BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, October 1935, pg. 58, col. 2:

_One Speedy Soup_
   "A crowd of us dropped in on a friend one day, giving only 10 minutes' notice.  By the time we arrived, she had this good soup all ready."

1 can mock turtle soup
1 can chicken bouillon  (Bouillon-Bouillon?--ed.)
1 can pea soup
2 cups water
1/2 cup heavy cream, whipped
   Combine the soups and the water in a sauce pan.  Bring slowly to the boiling point, then simmer gently for 5 minutes.  Whip the cream until stiff and pile on whipped cream on a pie plate or baking dish.  Place directly under the broiler flame of a hot oven.  Broil cream quickly until pale golden crust forms in spots.  Place the hot soup in bouillon cups and carefully spoons a portion of the broiled cream on each serving.  Serve immediately.  Serves 10.--_Mrs. Mable Holmes_, Hamilton Square, New Jersey.


   OED doesn't have "cherries jubilee"!
   "Cherries jubilee" was supposedly made in 1897, for the silver anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria, by her private baker.
   "Cherries jubilee" is in Auguste Escoffier's COOK BOOK (1903).
   Queen Victoria is hardly an obscure figure to OED editors.
   Why is "cherries jubilee" not in the OED?


BLIMP--David Shulman told me that he found "blimp" in the NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED NEWS for 1912.  The word was accompanied by the usual etymological guesses.  OED has 1916.

FUN PERSONAL FACT--I got a call from Visa security the yesterday.  They wanted to ask me about a credit card purchase.  Specifically, they wanted to know about a boat that I just purchased in England.  I rarely use Visa (I also have American Express).  I think that my card number was stolen in Norway, by trolls.

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