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>>What's the name of the  Scandinavian Christmas bread thatt is braided with
>>a yellow interior stuffed with raisins and glaceed fruit?  And is it
>>Norwegian, Swedish, or both?
>I searched "Swedish Christmas bread" on Infoseek and came up with Jule
>Kaga.  Recipe at:

I believe you are thinking of julebrod. This is not one my Grandmother ever

My Norwegian grandmother did julekaka (note spelling) as regular loaves of
bread. Her recipe was basically white bread with the candied fruit meant for
fruitcake. This link looks rather like what Grandma did. It tended to be dry
and went stale very quickly.


Sandkake takes special tins, and goes from raw to burnt in the blink of an
eye in the oven. My grandmother's version was basically a cardamom-flavored
butter cookie, and not the almond cookie the web based recipes give. She
kept her cardamom nuts in a pepper grinder.

Fattigmann was my favorite. My Aunt Kathryn was the only one who went to the
incredible work to do it. You have to roll the dough to the point the dough
is transparent, where you can see the grain of the board you are rolling it
on. You cut into lozenge-shaped double-triangles, with a slit in the center,
then deep fat fry them. They take special handling as they instantly


Her lutefisk was **awful**.

Here in NE Iowa, not far from Postville and Decorah, the lefse is in the
same bin as the Spanish-labelled tortillas.

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