Teletype Corp. & "Chad"

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   Try Teletype Corp.?
   Several ads for the Teletype Corp. ran in BUSINESS AUTOMATION.  One ad, July 1961, pg. 61:  "Tape Readers--Will read chadless or fully perforated tape. (...) Teletype Corporation manufactures this equipment for the Bell System and others who require the utmost reliability from their data communications facilities."
   Teletype Corp. was a subsidiary of Western Electric Co., Inc. (now Lucent Technologies--or whatever).  Its address was 555 Touhy Avenue, Skokie, Illinois.  I have no idea when Teletype Corp. started, but Western Electric was around for a long while.
   For further information on Teletype and "chad," perhaps someone can get in touch with Stephen B. Adams & Orville R. Butler, authors of MANUFACTURING THE FUTURE: A HISTORY OF WESTERN ELECTRIC (Cambridge University Press, 1999).


August 1961, BUSINESS AUTOMATION, pg. 50.  Systematics tape punch has a "jam-proof chad disposal box."

October 1961, BUSINESS AUTOMATION, pg. 6, col. 1 ad for Avery Label Company:
4.  Clean punched pin-feed holes--no "confetti."
5.  No bent edges or "dog-ears."

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