Folk Awareness oif Dialect

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Tue Dec 5 00:55:50 UTC 2000

Illinois has many foreign place names which are often anglicized, including
the name of the state (el @n )YZ.  In the center of the state is San Jose
(sounds like San Joe's, with about equal stress on both syll) which is about
20 minutes south of Creve Coeur (kreev kore --( I give up on trying to do
IPA on the net)).  Not part of the pattern but just south of where I live is
Industry, often In DUS tri.
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> add another component (to ignorance & nativism):  humor, folk or
> otherwise.  Thirty years ago in California I heard Buena as /bjuna/,
> Vallejo as Valley Joe (so stressed), Mesa as mee-sa, Palos as pale-os,
> etc.  I was never sure my eastern leg wasnt being pulled, but I heard such
> things too often for me to assume myself the victim of a Conspiracy of
> Native Informants.
> RK
> On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Ray Ott wrote:
> > #14.  Here in IL, of course, with  our Cairo=Kay-ro and
> > etc.
> > but everywhere in the Confederate Diaspora as well, I think.  The
> > English pronunciation of non-English spellings (In CA one is beginning
> > hear such things as Buena Vista=Beeyuna Vista) springs from a determined
> > Nativism rather than mere ignorance.
> >
> > Ray Ott
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