Awareness of Regional Variation

Donald M. Lance LanceDM at MISSOURI.EDU
Tue Dec 5 02:14:47 UTC 2000

Bob Fitzke wrote:

> Is that AY-IS or AY-AHS?

Everwhich way you want to scratch it.  Take your pick.
The person who originated the piece is from the Southeast -- in his diatribe about polluted
streams up in yankeeland he claimed that no Southern stream had ever caught on fire.  Shows
he don't know nuthin about the Houston Ship Channel.

> "Donald M. Lance" wrote:
> >
> > >From one of those ubiquitous regional pride broadsides.
> >
> > Subject:  secrets to surviving life in the South
> > 3)  Don't order a bottle of pop or a can of soda down here. Down here it's called Coke.
> > Nobody gives a flying damn whether it's Pepsi, RC, Dr.Pepper, 7-Up or whatever -- it's
> > still a Coke. Accept it. Doing otherwise can lead to an ass kicking.
> > 9) Don't fake a Southern accent.  This will incite a riot, and you will get your ass
> > kicked.
> > 11) Yes, we know how to speak  proper English. We talk this way because we don't want to
> > sound like you. We  don't care if you don't understand what we are saying.  All other
> > Southerners understand what we are saying, and that's all that matters. Now, go away and
> > leave us alone, or we'll kick your ass.
> >
> > DMLance

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