Feta cheese (1919)

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   The OED has 1956(?) and M-W has 1940 for "fet(t)a" cheese.
   From THE STEWARD, April 1919, pg. 39, col. 2:

   A cheese in brine, commercially known as feta or feita cheese, is manufactured in Greece under circumstances so simple and surroundings so primitive as almost to debar it from a place under the heading manufactures, since it is virtually a natural product.  It is made by shepherds scattered over the mountainous portion of Greece, each man preparing the cheese in his tiny hut.
   (Long continuation.  Pg. 40, col. 1--ed.)
   The milk remains in vats for four or five days, after which the whey is removed and the residual casein is disposed of fresh as "pot cheese" or "mitzithra"...

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