Surf & Turf (1970); Combination Salad & more

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>    M-W has 1973.
>    The earliest I have is "Surf and Turf Rice," CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Section
>1A, pg. 1, col. 2, 25 September 1970.  The recipe contains lobster tails
>and boneless steak.

This is about when I first remember the collocation. It was usually served
at a restraurant named along the pattern of "The Rusty Scupper" or the some
such. It's actually a nice combination.

>    This old Turkey of a joke leaves out the standard "European" (you're
>a-peeing) and "Finnish," but gets the others.
>    From THE STEWARD, June 1919, pg. 24, col. 2:
>    Two Tommies went into a restaurant over on the eastern front and said
>to the waiter:  "We want Turkey with Greece."
>    The waiter replied:  "Sorry, sirs, but we can't Servia."
>    "Well, then get the Bosphorus."
>    The boss came in and heard their order and then said:  "I don't want to
>Russia, but you can't Rumania."
>    So the two Tommies went away Hungary.--_Commerce and Finance_.

I first heard a version of this as a joke on the _Mayor Art Show_, on KRON
channel 4 in San Francisco, when I was about 12 or so; "Mayor Art" was Art
Finley. His competition was Mr. Bob on KTVU-2, Captain Satellite, also on 2,
and what's his face, the cowboy who got busted (and consequently fired) for
being drunk and disorderly in a topless bar. This was the early 60s. Anyway.

What international disaster happened at the dinner table? China broke,
Turkey fell, Greece splattered and the Hungry revolted.

There's also the joke I heard some years later from a sister: "He's very
international: Russian hands and Roman fingers".

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