To ___ slap

Grant Barrett gbarrett at MONICKELS.COM
Sun Dec 10 16:38:01 UTC 2000

On dimanche 10 d├ęcembre 2000 17:26, Philip E. Cleary <pcleary at WANS.NET> wrote:

>When I heard the callers use the expressions, I understood "bitch-slap" to
>be a slap by a bitch

I have never heard it used in that fashion. It's always seemed to refer to a
merciless full-handed, open-palmed, on-the-cheek smack, usually undefended, often a repeated
action. That said, these days I mostly hear it used in the same knowing, winking way
that people use "wife-beater," the subtext being, "We're not *really* talking about
slapping a bitch here."

Although it's most frequently used among my peer group in a conditional sense, "I'll
bitch slap you, if you don't stop..." Nearly always a threat.

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