Slush & Slurpee

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   "Slurpee" is a product name, but "slush" should be recorded somewhere.
   According to

   The Slurpee was invented in 1959 by Dallas Soda Fountain owners Dean Sperry and Omar Knedlik.
   7-11 bought three machines from Sperry and Knedlik in 1966.

December 18, 1967, NATION'S RESTAURANT NEWS, pg. 9 ad:
_Strike It Rich_
_From the Rush to Slush_
   "By the tens of thousands," says _The American Soft Drink Journal_, customers are rushing to buy a new taste treat.
   "One of the hottest products to appear on the scene...certainly here to stay," says _Softdrinks_.
   They're talking about the sensational success of icy, sparkling, carbonated slush from Taylor's Model 343.  So is everyone else.  Its combination of sky-high profits and record-breaking volume is the kind you dream about.

17 February 1969, NATION'S RESTAURANT NEWS, pg. 28, col. 1.  Ad for Richardson Corporation, Rochester, NY, says, "BUILD YOUR OWN SLUSH FUND."

12 May 1969, NATION'S RESTAURANT NEWS, pg. 44, col. 1, "New Flavor for Slush Line."  "Fruit slushes" were introduced by the Smith-Junior Division of the Murray Co.

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