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On lundi 11 d├ęcembre 2000 18:06, Joe Pickett <Joe_Pickett at HMCO.COM> wrote:
>I think the "people mover" car or truck has various names in various
>English speaking countries.
>I know in Kenya that call it a matutu. I'd heard that some people in the
>NYC area also call it this because so many drivers are from Africa. I have
>no confirmation of this, however.
>In Liberia they call it a moneybus (even though it's usually a pick-up
>There are probably many other names.

Similar transportation in Colombia, that is, people-moving services that a) are
clearly not taxis (no meter, fixed route, multipled passengers, flat fee), b) are not run
by the government and c) follow a pre-arranged, regular route (like a bus), are
called "por puestos."

In New York, the vans of questionable legality are called "dollar vans."  They have
been known, however, to change their routes to please regular customers or to drop
people closer to home in bad weather.


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