supper or dinner, what do you call that meal?

Philip E. Cleary pcleary at WANS.NET
Mon Dec 11 20:59:35 UTC 2000

<what's the difference between supper, dinner and lunch?>

In my (Bostonian) family, "lunch" is the light meal, eaten about noon.

"Supper" is the meal eaten in the evening and ordinarily the main meal of
the day.

"Dinner" is ordinarily the main and festive meal, eaten usually (but not
necessarily) in the mid or late afternoon on days like Thanksgiving,
Christmas, or Sundays. "Dinner" is sometimes synonymous with "the main meal
of the day" without festive, but with nocturnal, connotations. "What's for
dinner?" = "What's for supper?" On Thanksgiving night, I don't want supper
because I've had "dinner." A couple of weeks ago, on a garden variety day, I
ate a large meal at a restaurant at 1:00 o'clock. That night, I told my wife
that I didn't want to eat supper because I had had a "heavy lunch."

Phil Cleary

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