To ___ slap

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Tue Dec 12 17:06:14 UTC 2000

>>I grew up hearing, "Jap slap" a lot.  I didn't know the meaning, but I
>>perceived it as a half-serious reaction to someone (While the speakers seemed
>>angry, they would break into a laugh after uttering it.)  Nevertheless, from
>>the context in which it was used, I was sure of one thing:  I didn't want to
>>be the recipient!     PAT
>The Cassell slang dictionary shows "jap-slap" ("from 1980's, US") = "to
>slap someone suddenly, also used fig." ... apparently based on the Japanese
>surprise attack at Pearl Harbor. Something like "sucker punch", I guess.
>-- Doug Wilson

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