"Pull any"

Megan Jones mrj104 at YORK.AC.UK
Wed Dec 13 16:33:21 UTC 2000

>British gentlemen who go out for an evening with the avowed attention of
>chatting up women describe themselves as "going on the pull", as do women
>who are on the look out for men. About eight years ago, there was a vogue
>for saying that a person was "sharking", or "on the shark", which phrases
>were often accompanied by a hand placed upright on the head to represent a
>shark's fin. "Sharking" was the same as "being on the pull". I don't know if
>this is still current, because I left England at that time. The image, I
>guess, is of a shark circling its prey and going in for the kill, though why
>a shark and not some other predator, I do not know.
>Jim, a happily married non-sharker

A quick survey has revealed that "sharking" is still current in England, as
are "muff-diving" and "sniftering" all meaning "pulling".

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