Dept. of Dated Lexicographic Entries (was Re: "Pull any")

Philip E. Cleary pcleary at WANS.NET
Thu Dec 14 05:46:56 UTC 2000

<Hacking away here with my old copy of the Lewis and Short Latin
Dictionary, I find the -lingus form but not -linctus. Examples given are
from the Priapea (hardly surprising) and Martial 12, 59, 10 which is how
it appears in the OCT ed. by W.M. Lindsay.
That said, the lexical entry may have been corrected in a newer
dictionary, and, since I'm at home, L&S is all I've got. But Lindsay's
text doesn't cite any ms. variants of this reading except the clearly
(IMHO) incorrect reading -linguis.>

The Oxford Latin Dictionary lists only the -lingus form. There is an entry
for "linctus," however, which is the "act of licking," not the licker

Phil Cleary

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