Dept. of Dated Lexicographic Entries (was Re: "Pull any")

Drew Danielson drew.danielson at CMU.EDU
Thu Dec 14 13:59:53 UTC 2000

"Dennis R. Preston" wrote:
> Surely we don't have to spell it out for you in cuneiform.
> dInIs
> >John Ayto's "Oxford Dictionary of Slang" (1999) (p. 78) gives "muff-diver"
> >= "cunnilinguist".
> >
> >This last word I can't find defined in any of my dictionaries right now.
> >Some sort of specialized linguist, I suppose.
> >
> >-- Doug Wilson

OH, NOW I get it.... in college, I thought my friends were revering to a
deft student of glossology - a "cunning linguist"...

oh, how wrong I was... ;-)

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